Frequently Asked Questions

At Scrivena, investment funds are financial vehicles that pool resources from multiple investors to be jointly managed in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments.

At Scrivena, investment funds aim to provide investors with access to diversified portfolios without the need to directly manage their investments.

Efficient Diversification: Scrivena offers professional diversification to reduce risks.

Specialized Management: Our team of experts actively manages funds based on market analysis.

Financial Accessibility: We facilitate access to various investments, even with smaller amounts.

Managed Liquidity: Scrivena's fund liquidity allows easy transactions for investors.

At Scrivena, we offer equity, fixed income, mixed, and sectoral funds, each tailored to different risk profiles and investment objectives.

Investors make profits through dividends, interests, and appreciation of the value of assets composing our funds.

Risks may include capital reduction due to fluctuations in financial markets; however, at Scrivena, we actively manage these risks to maximize risk-adjusted return.

You can start your investment process with Scrivena by visiting our website, where you will find detailed information about our funds and how to get started.

The recommended timeframe may vary depending on the type of fund and investor objectives, but generally, a medium to long-term perspective is advised to take advantage of investment benefits.

Yes, at Scrivena, we offer personalized financial advice to help our clients make informed decisions and align their investments with their financial goals.

Scrivena distinguishes itself through its personalized approach, active fund management, and commitment to transparency and financial excellence. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to the individual needs of our investors.

Investors can access Scrivena's online platform to monitor their investments.